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Mana in new feature wing socket doesn't add up.

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  • Mana in new feature wing socket doesn't add up.

    yesterday mana gems had bonus with gem upgrade. today all gems has bonus with upgrade but mana gem doesn't. please fix. ty

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    mana gem suddenly nomore bonus? (yesterday there was)

    Hi all, why does the gem upgrade bonus suddenly not work anymore? yesterday it worked fine, now because of this I must re arrange the entire gem setups again, all wasted time, please can this be fixed asap


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      Mana in new feature wing socket doesn't add up.

      I tried putting level 5 mana on the wing's socket;level 6(+20) and socketed level 5 and 6 mana on the gem slots on gears for the main(16+22=38) but i didn't get full mana on the start of the fight. then I remove the mana on the wing socket and placed it on a slot on a gear. It worked.

      The wing socket gives 100% of the gem socketed on it right?

      Aren't this a bug?

      I think the stats that gems socketed on the wing don't add up yet.
      or maybe it's just the mana, coz when you socket hp, pattk/mattk, def; it gives BR, maybe they are working.

      I think only mana aren't adding up.

      Thanks for looking.
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        Because mana gems were not meant to have a bonus or socketed onto wings. This was stated in other parts of the forum. Many of us were disappointed, though, because we had high hopes on such. But, it's no biggie.
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          ^ yep, especially if all party's mana was max anyway.
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            There is already a thread with this. Please Search the bug reports to see if your issue has been reported in the future.


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              Refer to the responses in this thread here. Please browse the bug reports for your issue in case it already exists.


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                its not bug.

                Originally posted by Kitwritten View Post
                It is not a bug, Mana gems will give no bonus as it is a special gem.
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                  Threads merged to reduce clutter.

                  Look before you post please. There's no need for 5 topics in a row with the same 'issue'.