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Wings Gem socketing

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  • Wings Gem socketing

    I would like to point out that your wing gem socketing idea is good but does not seem to work. It states that the gems socketed their will be directly be added to my main character. Two level 7 Mana gems is 50 mana, this works when i have them socketed on my gear. I removed one and put it in the wings as to give other mercs the small boost of mana. However my main character which should still receive 100% of the 25 mana from a level 7 gem is not receiving that mana and not starting combat with full mana pool despite still having two level 7 mana gems socketed (one on gear and one on wings)

    Please fix this

    Many thanks
    Funkylobster s39

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    Refer to this thread:

    Mana gems are considered 'special' gems and don't work with the new wing socketing.


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      This really begs the question whether any of it works?


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        Would be great if there would be these details in the wing gem socketing section under a ? icon like in other areas. thank you again Aotearoa for the quick reply as usual


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          Yeah, I'm not sure if it's going to be worked in to state that Mana doesn't work or not. We've reported it a few days ago and don't really get told what the 'fix' will be. Luckily, we have a supply of near infinite knowledge in the forums!

          But yes, the rest of it works. Just the Mana that doesn't.