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  • Formation Preview in Arena

    I searched forum and didn't find this topic so I wanted to mention it. I have noticed lately when I preview my opponent's formation in the arena, it is just the opposite in the actual battle. I wish I had a screen shot to show, but the idea is simple. Whoever is on the bottom row in the formation preview is on top row, and vice versa. All of the mercs are swapped. It's like a mirror. Only place I have seen this is in 1v1 Arena.

    Edit: Upon further review, having just attempted fights vs. every player within my view, I can now say that this only happens with one certain player. The server is 18. Is there some kind of a talisman or something that prevents me from seeing a person's proper formation? Or is this just a glitch with this player. I'm happy to provide further information in a ticket if necessary. Thank you.
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    Someone will probably say it has something to do with the selection between Arena and Dungeon formations. However, When I change from Arena formation to Dungeon formation, both drop down selections went straight into Dungeon formation (thus erasing my saved Arena formation). The best way to combating that until someone comes along and tells us that a fix might be in the works is that you engage a battle shortly after a loss but remember where everyone on the opposite side is at so you can easily put in who you need at the right spots. I always review my "loss tapes" aka replays just to be sure before re-engaging.
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      I've seen it before, I just can't replicate it right now. Will keep trying. If someone can take a picture of the Arena with the edit form on to show the opponents form, then one in battle with a different formation, it would be a lot more helpful to the cause.


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        I think what is happening is...
        The player uses a different formation for each, dungeon and arena. Until that player competes in the arena after reset, the formation that is displayed is their dungeon formation. Once the player does one arena fight, then the formation that is displayed for the challenger is their arena formation.
        I have been attacking the same player over and over now in arena for about 6 weeks. About 600 times. And this is what I have noticed is happening.
        However, I could be wrong. But, I wanted to at least post my observations.
        I know that he uses the same formation without change in Arena. So I know that it is wrong when I see his dungeon formation.
        I will take pics the next time it happens.


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          Click image for larger version

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          hope this helps some


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            I believe this was put into the game to be able to add a different element to the fights, meaning someone cant just come in without a bit of effort to kill you, formation wise. I change mine all the time, mixing it up and using dungeon, so that when Im doing things outside arena, they cant seem actual formation!! Use it to your advantage, it has wasted many many attempts!


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              Nah..i believe its a glitch. Nothing done on purpose.If the devs wanted us to be suprised, they just wouldnt show it at all.