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  • 3v3 Arena Matchmaking

    When or if is it going to be revamped in arena 3v3 for more fair matchmaking? Having 3 lvl 39's against 6 really isn't fair. Wondering why you have Rumble and 1v1 set with level parameters and not 3v3?

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    I thing it depends by level branch. Some teams are former from different levels, example 1 lvl 59, 1 lvl 69 and 1 lvl 70+ how can you set levels parameters there? Many high level group with lower levels to help them or to match with lower opponents.


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      lvl up..dont camp...fix..


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        it also depends on who is fighting in the arena at the time. If there is no one your lvl you could be in for trouble. try the other time for 3v3 if you can and see if it changes
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          I really don't know what to say on this as I can be damned three ways:

          One, if I had said level, then it would place a restriction when a player creates a room as they will have to only accept those who are within their level bracket.
          Two, if I had said highest BR, then it still will be mismatched (can have like a 600k BR member in a team vs a team of 3 600k BR members).
          Three, if I had said average BR, then it still can be exploited by those in either joining up with lower levels or creating alts just to farm for their main.

          So, either way, we're in a Catch-22 situation.
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