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Mp Purgatory and 3v3 arena rewards bug

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  • Mp Purgatory and 3v3 arena rewards bug

    Don't know if happens to others but to me it happens 2 times for mp purgatory and 3 times for 3v3 arena and to couple other people i spoke with to my server rewards didn't appear to mail or to screen to collect some times. Is a bug i think that is happening very rarely.

    I can't put screen shot for that because how ever you see it you can't screenshot something that doesn't appear and i don't want to be accused that i got the rewards and deleted the mail just to create problems or to cheat.

    And before some people come to say different things i am always at top 5 at my branched at arena and always at top 10 at mp purgatory as there aren't many teams that do it and with even 25 minutes to finish it you get at top 10.