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  • Potent shard

    I can split my merc into 2 potent shards, but I don't find where I can exchange them, can anyone help?

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    exchange at "craft"
    Thank you to all cashers who have paid to run this game.
    So that i can play for free


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      When crafting a merc, you hit the 'Use potent shards' box to use them.


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        I have tons of potent shards and am not able to craft any mercs at all when selecting this box. Is it possible to use only potent shards to craft mercs in any of the categories, or must you have a minimum amount of the other shards as well? This is a very confusing part of the merc card system and needs to be explained. Will someone please explain how to use the potent shards. Thank you very much.


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          Do you meet the level requirements?


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            you can craft mercs cards at max lvl you are. lvl 60 can craft mercs lvl 60 and below, lvl 70 can craft lvl70 and below etc.

            Each mercenary card need an amount of shards to be craft,you need the correct amount of the combo shards, potential shards are added in every combo there is except hidden.
            example Mange card needs 15 courage shards to craft,if you have 15 courage shards or 15 potential shards or 8 courage shards and 7 potential shards you can craft him.

            Higher level compo mercenaries cards need a lot of shards to craft.

            To see if you are able to craft a certain merc card check next to it's name it that the () with a number will appear, example if you see Mange(2), this means you can craft 2 mange mercs cards but you only need 1. Some times you must press the upper arrow next to the quantity to be able to craft that card as it does not put the numbers automatically most times.