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3 Star Merc Update with lvl 49?

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  • 3 Star Merc Update with lvl 49?


    So, I'm lvl 49 and I want to update two of my 3 Star Mercs. I know I need the Demi Ore for that but the shop tells me i need to lvl up to buy it. I already saw other lvl 49 players, who had their 3 star mercs updated though....

    Am I missing something I have to do, am I just to stupid for the whole thing or do I really need to lvl up first?

    Thank you in advance for helping.

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    yes you are missing a couple tricks certain mercs you get from the 7 day log in like lunaria feeds into pisces and remi making them purple and also one of the recharge specials from the 7 day stuff gives you lvl 3 ore to upgrade them and the daily accumilitive recharge in one of the 7 days of the server gives you them too


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      Those 3* mercs, 1 could be from lunaria, and the others from events too.