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HB Bug outlevel the lowest bracket during HB

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  • HB Bug outlevel the lowest bracket during HB

    I am afraid there is a bug in the new "out level the hb bracket" rule.
    I was in HB for the bracket 30-39. I wont the server battle and looked at the cs and new i was gonna loose.
    So i figured i would see if i could use my level stone ( vip 2 reward i think ) to get extra exp to put into fort.
    Much to my surprise it leveled me to 40.

    This is probably only a lowest bracket problem but should still be addressed.

    Kind regards

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    No that isn't a bug the pill is supposed to work that way...if you really didn't wanna level don't use the VIP pill. Up fort then use Cata or other event exp pills.

    I was wondering how lv39-40 was gonna be handled as that level has no level up button.

    I think if you leveled it only leveled you outside of HB and not inside. I think if you're at the cusp of leveling and you level that level won't count in HB. (if that's how it's supposed to work now)
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      it is a bug and needs to be addressed
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        Yeah, was helping another player with the pill problem and kind of told him the wrong info (I didn't know any better when it comes to such and would assume the EXP will just store up onto a person's bar instead of automatically leveling a person up if they didn't click the "Level Up" button).

        Basically, in HB, there's a condition where you leveled up beyond the bracket you're registered for, you will automatically forfeit your entry. Also, there is a "Level Up" button between 39 and 40 that pops up via conventional EXP storing (through dungeons, EXP orbs, TG Exp, loop quests, or any feature that gives out EXP).
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        YES!!! You can equip wings (besides the recharge ones) before you hit lvl 40. Save up 70k daily points to craft your first Eagle Wing set and equip. Enjoy.
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          The vip 2 exp pill does state that it will level up a character from 39-40 if used. The issue is that it should be disabled during HB, meaning that it can not be used until after the HB is over ( allowing for the change to stop players level from 9-0 in HB that was not confirmed by the devs )

          The issue is that with the chinese festival and the devs away, there is a number of issues that need checking and a clear answer from the devs about these bugs. the one thing I want to avoid if possible, is the HB being taken down and players missing out on another month of HB but it may be a possibility.
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          R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
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