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excessive lag and bug related

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  • excessive lag and bug related

    since a couple day game been more laggy and it does give some prob.

    -in arena wont load opponent
    -in WB will jam without figth starting once in figth the image is freezing the figth goes on and I dont see it going
    -in crusade wont load opp.,wont oppen chest,will start 2 figth one after the other without video of them and no chance to change form
    -while doing astrals,opening chest using grass .... well while doing evrything can sometime make something then they just dont do until first does
    -jamming in training ground cannot exit
    first time it does that will see if I can provide videos but not sure how ...XD

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    You can either download Hypercam or Fraps. Both are video capturing software that are free. Then, you can upload your video to a hosting service like Youtube, and provide a link to it. I usually do about a minute or 2 of video so I can upload it fast.

    As to some of those issues, I never come across them as of yet, but there's that one time where (and I had seen it) team members on your 3v3 team are invisible/not shown that requires a reboot of the game (exiting the browser/mini client and then start it up again) just to get them shown. I think it's because I am on long AFK nights where I am farming for runes in TG. I don't know, but it only happened a few times (around 2-3) since I had played the game.
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      the issue is caused by a bad connection to the server.... its happening between your isp and the server and as its a intermittent external issue, there is not much that R2 games can do as its happening outside of the servers... and not much the player can do as its happening outside of their control

      you can try clearing cache and cookies, that may help the game run better at other times.....
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        im VIP 5 for more then 2 months now (beeing Vip since the server started) ...i open the vip chest everyday and this week i've got: (1 Mount Elixire, 50k gold, 100k gold, 5 aptitude ore, x5 flowers, x1 flowers and items like that) i've never got that Spider Mount ... which everyone else had it at least 1 time !!!! WHY??? ... [1 mount elixire... 10-20 would've made sens) lol
        i do catacombs everyday - 20-22 days since my last drop of Mercs Card.
        in the VIP dungeon i only get 20 ale ore + 5 ember grass + aptitude ore ... like EVERYDAY !!!!
        I Want To Know If It's Bug or I'm Just Unlucky !!!!???
        pls reply thx

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