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A Bug? A Magic? Or just plain so-called "LUCKY"?

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  • A Bug? A Magic? Or just plain so-called "LUCKY"?

    This happened for 4days already same time the Upbringing Bounties came in. Okay 1st. Miracle Talisman, is it a bug or pure luck? bcoz i've been fighting people and they're getting like 5-7x chain of miracles. like srsly? most of them using blue miracle talis and yet they get that so many chain of proc. 2nd. I've been doing my crusades earlier and fought someone at stage 8 with cupid. so the cupid used its skill and buffed the warrior. all his mercs are dead except the warrior. why? FOREVER SHIELD. LIKE SRSLY? it doesn't run out. like wow. just a simple reply will make me calm. whatever reply you make. BUG or just plain LUCKY. coz if its plain "LUCKY". then wow. so much for "VIP" treatment.

    thank you for whoever admin will see this thread.

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    We're still looking into everything marriage based, including the pets skills. Can't give any word on the current findings there yet.
    But Miracle is a chance thing, and likely just bad RNG at that point.