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  • Astral

    If my attacks do 10k dmg, and with a crit they would do15k (+50% with crit)
    If i had +100 Crit DMG (10%) would the crit dmg then be (+60% or 55%) ?

    How much reduced dmg do you take if you Block?
    How much DMG does PDEF/MDEF reduce?

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    the +100 Crit Dmg would be a 10% boost to stat crit mg, not base crit Dmg. the difference is that all classes have a crit and crit dmg modifier that allow them to do crit and crit dmg with 0 stat crit, because the base crit is a set sum and not shown to players.

    Block does not reduce damage directly, its the modifiers that reduce it IE block = atk damage x% is void so unblockable dmg is Damage atk plus modifier - pierce / crit dmg modifier x % speed /crit = dmg recieved ( thats short hand, its actually a lot more complex )

    Pdef and Mdef *absorb* damage ( damage soaking ) so the overflow is factored out in the same way as unblockable dmg... and once again, its not a fixed number
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