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Marriage lost without divorce

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  • Marriage lost without divorce

    i am BrombeerBert from Server 32 Blackheath.
    i was married 22 days with LugaidSed. and then the marriage was lost. now i am capable to marry another. but for LugaidSed everything is good. she is still married with me. how can this happen? and i am not capable to do marriage quests.
    in the following picture you can see: she is my partner but i am not her partner and i am abel to marry again.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wedding.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wedding2.jpg
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    i tried logout and pc restart but nothing changes.
    please fix it. i want still married with LugaidSed.

    thank you and sorry for my bad english.


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    Interesting, someone will be checking both accounts out.
    File a ticket
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      please dont forget me. 4 days without my wife


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        We haven't forgot. Takes a bit to find the issue to make sure they don't happen again.


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          its been reported to the devs for investigation, its a very odd bug and we really have no idea what has happened
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