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No Invites being received for any event

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  • No Invites being received for any event

    I have not been able receive invites to Catacombs, Treasure, 3v3 or any event that an invite can be used. This has been going on for some time now and it is really frustrating. I can send invites no problem. Is there anyone else still having this issue. I thought this bug was fixed months ago.

    S22 - Kazzabom

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    Are you playing on the browser or Client?


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      Mini Client


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        uninstall the client, redownload and install, right click on the desktop icon and click on run as admin......then uninstall flash player and reinstall

        there is a issue for some players but its not a server side issue.... testing on players accounts, does not show up a issue.....
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          Thank Kit, tried this but still not getting invites.


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            close the miniclient if ur microsoft as os

            go to control panel go to internet option go to delete n select all except passwords delete all coockies n stuff run miniclient again
            (importent to close mini client b4 doing the delete otherwise it wont work)


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              Ok el1979 that worked thanks for the help