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Socket not showing in forge menu

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  • Socket not showing in forge menu

    Hi All. Have a strange issue that even has the VET help in game scratching their heads. I am a lvl 39 warrior on White Thorn Server. I have a few other characters on other servers higher level than 35, which is the level for gems to be available, so I know that it can be used. For some reason, the socket option is not coming up when I click on the forge icon. All I have are Enhance, Upgrade, and Gem Upgrade. I have a full set of blackwind gear. When I hover over the blade and armour it says can socket.
    I have heaps of gems but when I click on them, and select socket, a red Unactivated flashes up on the screen. I am at a complete loss as to why this is happening. I have looked through the forums and cant find anything that matches this problem. I have spent a bit of money on this game, and I don't want to lose this character, but I cant really play it if I cant socket gems.
    I saw one post that said I may have to compete a quest to activate the sockets. Anyone know what that might be, and have I missed it??
    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you done all the main quests listed in the quest tracker?


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      we need your character and server name please
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        The quests pop up as Main quests. The one for Gems also unlocks your Craft.