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Winning shards difficulty

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  • Winning shards difficulty

    I realized that in the last days increased the difficulty of the game, I'm VIP 4, hit 170 hammers in Kungu panda event and won only 5, I used about 70 sheets of tree and only got 1 devilduke shard when it greatly increases the difficulty of the game where not won almost all, the game starts aperder grace, when I started playing in the first year was cooler, but now do not win anything.
    How about back as it was?

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    Had almost same question like you the answer with few words was:

    Now the mercenaries, pets, mounts and souls have higher stats than the previous ones that were at the beginning of the game and it's normal to be harder to gather the shards.

    Simple explanation: Spent 200-300 dollars to get all the shards, if you manage to gather them all of course, as 200 dollars don't consider enough for the new and overpower mercenaries, pets, mounts and souls. Yeah right


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      back when I started in wartune.... things like mounts were in the shop, ( complete ) for $500, there was no other way to get them..... a event may cost a player $500 for the mount and then more if they wanted other bonuses.... in some cases the sales would cost a player $1000 for some things in the shop.

      players still wanted them and would spend to get them.......

      so its a question of what is better.... a high chance of getting a mount / pet / merc cheaper than a set price in the shop or paying for the complete item and not getting most of the items that are bonus rewards in events.....

      as the game grows, there are more options for us to bargain for better prices and deals for players but there is a point at where lowering the cost to players, will result in a lowering of the quality and stats of mounts, pets and mercs so players are really no better off if we cross that point......
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        Another thing to keep in mind... as games like these go on, things that were at once cash only items (like dino mount) become free event items. You just need patience as a free player.


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          Most bonus rewards are gold, gems, astrals and vouchers that you can get them by just playing it will take just a bit more time. The bonuses in my opinion are not much importance as mounts because their stats are added to all your mercenaries and main characters than the others. If you max level everything astrals, levels, fortitute, gems, etc. The person that have the more mounts will have higher stats. For mercenaries i don't really care because they will always add mercenaries that are better from the previous ones.

          As for wartune i played the game from the first week it launched in English version to other company and i know that in the middle run some items in shop were $500 and over. The result there was a huge amount of players to leave that game because of the gap between heavy spenders and the rest and there was not competition any more.

          I know the company must have revenue from the games and i understand that. Most players here just want a chance to get them for lower price, can't mount's be at shop at discount after 5-6 mounts depending their event release and server launched or even to bring back to event's after 5-6 month period again depending the first even release and server launcher with higher chances of dropping rate of shards?


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            it works in theory but it actually creates a lot of problems.......

            some of the older content no longer exists... it has been * recycled * into new content ( reskinned ) because its faster and easier to do that, than create new content from the ground up...... while the shards and mounts exist in the game, its because its existing content

            it also has the odd effect that it limits the amount of cashing in the game on older servers which actually benefits R2 as players are less likely to quit because players can not join older servers and cash up hard in a couple of weeks and kick the snot out of you....... if players want that boost at the start, they can find it on newer servers when they open but the newer servers will not have a lot of the older content either.....

            Its a dev decision, not a R2 games decision as to when and if older content is re-offered.... and to be honest, there is less of a interest in older content than with newer content, so from a money point of view, newer content is more of a money generator than older content, but events that do not offer shards, tend to generate more money than shard events....... players tend to spend more on shardless events where they know that they will get rewards than on events where they will get less rewards because they are getting shards for things that they will never complete because they lack the funds.
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            R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
            Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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              Didn't knew they were removing old contents sorry for that. Out of topic Kitw i see you discussing in many different threats with users for same things, isn't better than repeating the same things at different threats to make a new forum and put threats there and explain things like: shards drop rate, cards drop rate. If someone have a question for something like that or want top argue for something the moderators can just ling that threat to them and remove the unnecessary post that have nothing to do with the post. That threads can be the position of R2 for that matters.

              The threats at the new forum will be better to be lock so it will not start conversations there with arguments.

              Like that the threats that are created for a specific question can be clean, moderators will stop repeating the same things and banning people that want to argue as well they will have more time to deal with more urgent matters.


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                The problem with creating threads regarding common issues, is that people don't read them.
                We've done that in numerous areas of the forum depending on what the issues were. For example? The mini client. We've still had a TON of threads opened about it, even though we have a dedicated thread FOR it. The idea sounds good on paper, but will never work because people click Post new instead of Read through.


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                  I know that but what i mean if we take mini client for example is like this:

                  1)If people start threat for mini client, the moderator just to write at the threat read this threat, insert the ling and close the threat. Next day to remove that threat

                  2) if they start posting for mini client in other threat that don't have anything to do with mini client, the moderator can write: we have a special threat for the mini client issue please follow this ling and insert the ling and remove that post from the threat so people can focus to the problem of the threat not at random posts.


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                    We already do something similar. We have a basic post from a user and if we've replied with relevant information, we merge all of the excess threads into the one and notify the member of the action. It still doesn't stop them from re-posting the same incident when the thread directly beneath the one they posted, is their issue as well..


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                      These days I had a little discussion with a moderator and thereafter not won a shard.