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after merg 28&35

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  • after merg 28&35

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    you can see the player not in guild his br says he is so br event not true plz sort this out

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    The leaderboard reset after reset, therefore once the reset come, those leaderboard refreshed, and remain the same until reset. So that player could have left guild after the reset, therefore it won't be shown in leaderboard until the another reset?


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      it still the same after 2 resets from merg


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        His BR has nothing to do with guild skills. Add up all of his mercs and pet and that number comes out.


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          ur not seeing my point Aotearoa that was his br when in the guild he was kicked for not been active his br still the same and now with merg we have a BR event wot will end soon


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            Yeah, i remember this from a long time ago. Someone was kicked for having quit the game and been offline 20 days but their br and stats were the the same. I remember because she was above us on the arena and still there was no change after the kick, even waiting after reset (and i know she had at least all skills to 8). We just had to beat her the old fashioned way