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soul melding

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  • soul melding

    i needed to change my lvl 40 blood soul to a raging soul on my main warrior for the extra Patk so tried to meld the lvl 40 into a new lvl 1 -but instead of the lvl 1 becoming a lvl 40 -it comsumed the lvl 40 and stayed at lvl 1
    it was extremely annoying and as i have done this before with success it stikes me as a new bug i needed to redo the upgrade pills last time which is still annoying losing all those points and costly in the way of diamonds getting more but the soul still lvled up -im basically looking at roughly 12 to 15k soul pills to get it back to lvl 40 plus the points to redo the upgrades
    why put a meld function in that actually doesnt work and costs players time and money to rebuild
    sorry i dont have a screen pic of this as the horse has already bolted
    also lost nearly 17k br on my main

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    since you also filed a ticket about this issue, I am closing the thread as it lacks information such as character and server name
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