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Backbash in Mighty Mercs

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  • Backbash in Mighty Mercs

    The past 2 days in Mighty Mercs my backbash stopped working. It shows that it activates but no damage to any of the mercs. I have a level 4 backbash which does tremendous damage on all other events. I have two other guild members stating the same thing. I submitted a ticket and they said to come in here and request assistance. Is that not what support is used for?


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    ticket support is for issues such as payments and billing, or issues that require a player to disclose personal or identifying information that can not be posted in the forums

    backbash is not a very effective talisman for MM..... Retaliate is better as retaliate can not be countered by the sneak attack talisman, and once players reach a certain character level and level in MM, backbash ceases to be any real use at all....

    considering you are a warrior, I would have changed to aurora blade and retaliate as it can cause a 5 hit combo in a single round but that also depends on the way you built your character
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