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game balance *BUG

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  • game balance *BUG

    On my server 4 out of 5 of my friends with whom I communicated on this issue, got 50s Rare Soul Upgr Pill ...for free
    I spent several thousand diamonds and have not received this prize.

    This improvement has the advantage, by speed equal to 10x speed gems on the 8th level (if you replace 5 to 8 on 5x characters x2 socket). this cost is 300 000 diamonds. The improvement of skills, and levels of attack protection, etc. will cost approximately 150 000. To collect such a number of Soul Shards in Heroic Challenges have 214 days.
    In the end, my friends who did not pay, overtook me on 200 days of the game, or appeared as if paid 450,000 diamonds.
    Such prizes error of game balance. The prize could be 5 and not 50 Rare Soul Upgr Pill.
    And probably to correct this imbalance is impossible.

    How will you solve this problem?

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    I know how to solve this problem. I tried cackling for over 25 minutes so far, and it hasn't worked just yet...but I think with another day this 'bug' should deal with itself. I mean, there is no way 50 rare soul upgrading pills are worth even close to 300,000 diamonds considering you need 5 to upgrade souls, and they are worth only 240 points each. 12000 points total for the stated 50 rare soul upgrading pills.
    I honestly don't know what else to add here.

    There is no bug here.