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Star Roulette's honor cost

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  • Star Roulette's honor cost

    When I started using star roulette - it cost me 100 honor per spin, then it went to 120 and now it's 140.
    When does it increase? Does it increase after I reach certain amount of stars or is it for certain amount of times I've used the roulette (counting the amount of spins)?
    Also, is there a way to decrease the honor cost? For example if I don't use it for few days - will it go down?
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    It doesn't decrease, it go with the count of stars, I presume. Im on 615/800, and it cost me 340 honour per spin.. I assume that it increase every 5 or 10 stars gained.


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      it just goes up as u gain stars. dont think banking the star shards helps either. trust me i tried it lol. it maxes out at 500 a spin. or at least its been 500 a spin for me for a long time.


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        746/800 stars with a 420 honor per as spin cost.
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          862/900 honor cost 500...have 900k to spare so i dont count the pennies
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