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recharges that have been paid for through paypal that isnt credited

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  • recharges that have been paid for through paypal that isnt credited

    i run 2 accounts on one server. was able to do a $20 recharge on one and got credit for it but when i went to do the other account I paid for the $40 recharge and now hours later it is still not credited to the account i purchased it on. Both were paid through my paypal account and both transactions went through. the problem is that my main account did not recieve the recharge or bonuses from it as of yet. i am not willing to use other method of payment and this issue should be remedied immediately. there is never a vet online on s74 when there is problems in game the issues found in game continue with out resolve. it is a cool lil game but the headaches and unresolved and continued issues prevents game from growing more than it is and i see more and more players becoming frustrated and simply leaving the game. My main account on s74 that has a paid recharge that has not been credited to it is Acacia. My alt account which was also recharged but received credit for it is LmnDrop01. I am hoping to get this issue resolved asap, if not then im not willing to recharge further and may end up leaving the game to find one that is willing to fix issues of their game and system for their players and wants to keep them.

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    This isn't for the Bug forum, it's for the Billing department. Send them a support ticket if this issue doesn't resolve itself.