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Level up guardians

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  • Level up guardians

    I am having a problem with the " Level up Gaurdians" quest I can not complete the quest by clicking on it because I already past the gem it wants me to click on I[ have
    Already got the 3rd gem lit up and I have even tried clicking it anyway to pass the quest and it wont even let me do that. Is there a way you can
    scan my charactor account for damage and glitches or tell me if the account can be rest and to what level thank R21221598

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    there is no glitches and no it can not be reset... the issue is caused by jumping ahead on upgrading things before the quest comes up.......

    click on the world map and see if there is any main quests or quests in herondale that you can do to get the stars for the next quardian star.... its something that I have looked into when the tutorial system was changed and if there was ways to get around that issue
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