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Bans and Missing Diamonds - How to file a Ticket

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  • Bans and Missing Diamonds - How to file a Ticket

    I see many people coming onto the forum to complain about Bans and Missing Diamonds.
    This cannot be dealt with by the forum mods no matter how many times you post.
    You MUST post a ticket, yes this can take time but it's the only way to resolve an issue like the above.
    For those who may not know how to do this I have written a short how to

    To file a ticket you need to go to the main R2games website through this link :
    You will see this :

    click where i have circled and arrowed .
    Same again for below (notice once a ticket is filed you can check it's status using Check Ticket History button below the Open Ticket link)
    The Support link can also be found in game at the top right of the screen which leads you to the page below also

    Then you should see this screen :

    Fill out all needed information and PLEASE try to add pictures as they will always want pictures of anything you ticket for whether its this kind of situation or a bug.

    Pictures are easy to get just hit the print screen button on your keyboard and then paste it into the Paint programme and save as .jpg file

    For missing Diamonds I suggest visiting your main account on the R2 website as it will show a complete or incomplete purchase's you have bought from any r2 game and a screen shot after purchase other pictures may be requested.
    This purchase history screen can found on the "My R2" page and is on the option called "Order History"

    The reply to your ticket will be through the email address given in the ticket form.

    This is basics so please add anything I may have missed :P
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    Oh look, it has gone sticky!


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      today i am lost more bonus when my pc reload,,, lost ches CSHB, stone and farmer back too lv 1 ever reload, please fix my server, thx
      since farmer sloot update
      i am online 18 hours more
      succses for my games and best my regard

      R2 Serrin, prayer for our friend, RIP 1971-2015
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        Hi there.
        I submitted ticked more that 2h ago, and I got no responce. Is support 24h or have some working hours.
        I play on server 38, and have some issue with receiving diamonds which I need today urgent.