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  • Originally posted by R240011517 View Post
    Rotheswolf, you are a saint. It is people like you that honestly keep me coming back to this game. You truly make an effort and you truly care, i'm to dam sarcastic to get my point across, but you can do it eloquently.
    Thank you for your comment, I once modded forums and worked for other games over a 4 year period, so I felt when this was happening, I should try to help any which way I could, so I had came up with this and while I won't step up to volunteer anymore as i've a lot in Real Life to do, there's always that part of me that will step up on these times.

    Again, as i've posted as well a few times on this thread, i'd like to thank all those who kept me up to date on which servers were having issues as well as trying to keep this all in one place, as it does make things less chaotic at those times and of course, the little bits of banter in as well to make a bit of a laugh ^^

    Just a note for people further posting on this thread, that the initial reason for this thread being here has been resolved and missing goods/other issues should be on a separate post with screenshots, so i'd kindly request that if you have not done so already, then please make a new thread regarding your issue(s) ingame with Screeenshots if possible and for those who don't know how to do this, then please refer to this thread:

    I kindly request this thread be locked by a Forum Mod or R2 Staff please after viewing this post.
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