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  • astrals

    I had swapped gold level 10 hp astrals with red ancient on my merc fireheart, and instead of getting the usual level 9 red, I got a level 7 red instead. What happened instead of raising my hp and br. it brought it way down . Please fix, I would like my br and red level 9 astral back on fireheart , thanks.

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    You are probably mistaken, and your gold astral was actually level 9, which would bring it down to red level 7 (almost 8)


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      no all, my hp astrals are at 10 so i am just swapping them all out as i get the red ones to make them all 9's. I did it on ororo , rom , phantos and fireheart was my last one to do and it didnt turn to 9s like the others did.


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        Nobody else has experienced this "problem" (that I know of, or in this forum).
        Your "problem" is easily explained - it was L9, not L10
        So the "problem" is probably you.

        On the off chance that it wasn't you, there's probably nothing you can do to prove it (gl w/screen shots), so you should probably move on.

        the word of the day is prob.


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          Yeah never happens b4 but with r2 "happening" situation i wouldn't pass it behind them well just mv on


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            Thank you all. Well, I have had all my hp astrals at 10 for a long time, and saving gold to get the red astrals to replace them to 9s, for each one of my mercs. Fireheart was my last to do and there is no way that I was mistaken that it was only at 9 instead of 10. Anyhow, thanks all.