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Arena timer still frooze

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  • Arena timer still frooze

    The arena points is a tremendously important part of this game because its the main resource that allows us to advance our teams main heroes and mercenaries...since the timer froze the amount of point we been wining is nearly minimal...

    yesterday, been online most of the day, and even with my offline time, I got a total of 700 points the whole day, when in arena states I will get 210 every 15 minutes...well I was online for a total of 9h (along the day)+ offline time and I got 700 points...that is not even covering 1h of my online time and we REQUIRE those points to use arena shop to buy the materials needed to advance our mercenaries and main hero

    do please don't take weeks or months to fix it because if you do so, expect to have a dead game very soon, since if players cant advance their teams, then there is not much point in playing and even less in spending (im VIP 7)