ok so I have been tryin to put in a ticket for this but the ticket says my account is not found.. so I will post my bug issue here..

ever since the last server update a few weeks back my wing socket level downgraded 1 level.. so when you open the wings/socket tab it says my wing rank is lvl 39 and merc stat bonus is 68%
a day or 2 before the server update I upgraded my win socket level to level 40 with merc stat bonus 70%.. only reason I noticed the downgrade was because I literally just upgraded the wing socket level a few days before the server update a few weeks ago..
next bug is an issue with the ticket in the support section of the website.. I tried numerous times from internet explorer login and chrome login to send a ticket on the above issue.. every time I click send ticket an error message pops up saying my account is no found or incorrect account.. I tried to change the account name to my in game name still no luck.. this is the only server I play S48 so I don't understand the issue.. please fix both issues and compensate me for lost wing socket level.. thx