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Prosperi Tree Bug/Missing Seeds

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  • Prosperi Tree Bug/Missing Seeds

    Shaking the Tree by using diamonds has provided 3 golden seeds. Two of those never made their way into my bag even though I saw them flying and they appear listed. This happened two days in a row. I am therefore short at least 4 golden seeds and 160 diamonds. Whether this is another clever way to defraud us or a legitimate bug keep your eyes on the items that are supposed to drop, because they may not be there after all. I have submitted a ticket because I really want to be reimbursed for these and will not be spending any more diamonds on this bugged event.
    Circe ~ S29
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    did you submit a ticket for this?
    ModReaver Shadowbound mod


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      Originally posted by ModReaver View Post
      did you submit a ticket for this?
      Yes I have. There is no confirmation email as of yet but I am aware of the fact that it is a weekend after all.