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  • cyphermouse
    started a topic Heroic Challenges bug

    Heroic Challenges bug

    Facsimile Kong Server 1

    I believe there to be a game issue with the Heroic Challenges. I am not sure if it is a display issue with Kong, a change to the game, or a different problem. It appears that the left hand side of the screen is being cut off, as you can see in the image the '65' is a bit hard to read and the number of attempts is a guess at half the units digit. I have tried playing in IE, Firefox and Chrome, to see if it was my browser or the game, and the display is the same in all three browsers. I have been level 65+ for almost a month and I have never been able to see the left arrow that is supposed to allow players to go back a level.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Shadowbound bug2.jpg
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ID:	1779029

    If a change has been made to the game so that this is no longer possible, please remove line six from the instructions to prevent confusion.

    I have tried submitting 2 bug reports through Kong and have not received a reply to either, I have also searched the archives and not found a similar bug reported for the other platforms. The information on how to get the most out of going back a level was just frustrating.

    Thank you for your time.

  • dboon
    I will vouch for you. On smaller screens/resolutions, this particular event can appear wack-a-doodle, and unlike Purgatory, you cannot left-mouse drag to view hidden areas.

    And yes, the arrow (critical to using 17-18 of the 20 steps we SHOULD get) to go back one level is still on the left side, and does not appear visible in your screenshot.

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