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Arena points and honor

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  • Arena points and honor

    hi all

    first of all i'd like to grats myself for being number 1 in cshb . needs a lot of hard work, patience, and some lucky to be the champion in cshb, and the third factor that helps me to the champions hahahaha.

    at first it would be great to be the champion at cshb, i can get 600k honor, 400k arena points, etc. like it said from the rewards.

    Click image for larger version

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    eventually it was not as i expected, i feel like the hard work wasnt paid good enuf after i saw and check the system.

    Click image for larger version

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    first question, was it a bug ?
    2nd question, if it a bug will i get compensate or at least i can get the reward as it written?
    3rd, when will i get it ?

    there's so many things i'd like to type about it. but like people says 1 picture speaks more than 1000 words, so i give you 2000 ++ words instead.

    ty for your consideration.


    Alchemist, level 39, s96, narakib highlands
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    Its a visual bug. This was explained at the end of the last cshb. As to you receiving the additional pts, you will need to submit a ticket. But congratulations on getting first place
    ModReaver Shadowbound mod


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      visual bug ? ok then i will look for the explanation later . done submitting ticket. ty for helping


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        Yes, the visual bug is seeing 600k and 400k where it should be 60k and 40k, its like that for everyone winning a chest...
        Glemo - S22 ~~Angels~~


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          so the real prize was 60 k and 40k ? i gess i know where will they put my ticket next hahahahaha


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            yes 60k and 40k are the normal prizes for HB, been like that since the start. However these are still quite nice though especially for the lower brackets as the mercs cost a lot less arena points. At the higher brackets you get 60k honor and 50k arena to slightly compensate this.
            Glemo - S22 ~~Angels~~


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              more hilarious examples of bad math. Actually it's not that funny.

              Though it is a bit ironic that this thread is a (semi-valid) complaint about one of the very rare examples of a generous/solid reward.


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                Yes exactly Dboon, lvl 30 and lvl 80 bracket were receiving the same prizes for quite some time, with the introduction of lvl 90 they only added the 10k arena extra for lvl 80-90, which is completely insignificant compared to the costs of the mercs...
                At lvl 80 a 6* merc costs 1.32m arena points to legendary, the reward for HB is 50k, thats 4%
                At lvl 30 a 1* merc costs 55k arena points to legendary, the reward for HB is 40k, thats 73%
                Glemo - S22 ~~Angels~~