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after quick maintenance x-points gone

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  • after quick maintenance x-points gone

    1. or delete every one else stuff that they bought pre-hand b4 the maint"

    2. or return all points even the points u gave for compansation!!!!

    this is outrages im extremely furious!!!!!

    U wont ROB ME u hear i want all my points BACK NOW immidiatly!!!!!!!

    miniskull of S42

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    u are totally breaking ur own TOC rules

    giving othrs advantage while u knowingly deprive hard working players from there points!!!!!


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      u didnt fix anything u just robbed everyone points

      but the one that already depleted thier points

      u didnt do nothing ABOUT!!!!!
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        OMG! CRY ME A RIVER!! jeez, IT'S A GAME!!! does your life revolve around it? GET OUT AND GET SOME SUN!! LMAO


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          here..i'll make it MORE CLEAR FOR YA
          terms of service,r2 DOES NOT HAVE TO COMPENSATE YOU FOR ANYTHING!!!!!
          10. Interruption

          R2Games takes every necessary precaution to ensure the stability of the Site and the Services. However, they are subject to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and there may be incidents that might result in loss of server data. Server data is solely owned by R2Games and you acknowledge that you will not hold R2Games liable for any such loss of data. We perform maintenance in good faith in order to preserve the quality and stability of the Services and to improve, fix, or otherwise maintain the Site. Such maintenance may interfere with gameplay and the availability of the Services.

          In the case of announced or unannounced down-time of the Services, R2Games is not responsible for disruptions relating to timed game events, purchases, subscriptions, Virtual Currency, or anything relating to, or deriving in, the Games or the Services. You understand that you will not be entitled to any refunds of fees or other compensation for any interruptions in the Services. So basically you agreed to this by playing the game,just like I did.
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            well 1st i assume u r a player that dont put money in games

            probably a "SMART GUY" n i use smart loosly

            cause if u do n work hard for the stuff that u get

            n those stuff will b taken from u than the BIG BIG RED light bulb in ur head wil lit

            than come talk to me about getting out n getting some sun

            Besides those terms of service change periodicly