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Golden Raffle & Aid Pill Automatic Prize

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  • Golden Raffle & Aid Pill Automatic Prize

    S77-Sapphire Order
    I won the available 12 Golden Raffle Tickets thru the Hot Events Daily Online Rewards and used the Golden Raffle--what happened surprised me a lot--I figured out that you refuse the prize on the lower levels to build to the higher levels for the chance at a better prize--unfortunately, if you land on the Aid Pills, they automatically
    "prize" themselves to you regardless of what level you have been working toward and drop you back to level 0--without you being able to do anything about it. I thought the 1st time I had done something wrong, it happened so quickly---then a 2nd time, it happened again and I knew I hadn't clicked or touched anything and so the 3rd
    time--I positively KNEW there was something wrong---Duh to me.--I can always use the Aid Pills---but something should be done, ASAP. Just to let you know.

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    becuse if you can kepp going up evryone will get queen to 5 stars with the 20$ pack lol. i dont think r2 stupid enough to let the happen soo its not hard to understand why you cant go higher if you hit the aid pills
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      I didn't even think of that...their own fail safe. But, still would have been nice to KNOW, without having the pants scared off of me. It's surely not mentioned in the RULES!!!


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        It is clearly mentioned in the rule Click image for larger version

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