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game jamming up, bad delays, getting stuck everywhere

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  • game jamming up, bad delays, getting stuck everywhere

    ok i've never encountered this before.. and at egg smash event no less! i even recharged and this happens....
    ok the deal is everything is having huge lags delays, training ground got stuck first while i was afk during bonus tg time.. refreshed like 5 or 6 times, either cant fight or cant leave training ground or both... tried cloudwinder.. guess what... there too.. chat lags, chat either takes a long time or never shows up.. i completely restarted my comp and cleared cache, no other programs are on just shadowbound. Any ideas? anyone having jammed up problems? started around 2 pm-ish EST US time. picture shows jam as i was in cw and it has swords over my head but there is no fight... if the fight ever takes place it gets stuck going up to next floor, and wont let me use "back" to get out of CW unless i refresh again... as of now im giving up, cant play. this is on every part of game training ground chat cloudwinder crusades, you name it.

    Click image for larger version

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    oddly enough this slowly faded away and got better over a 2-3 hour time frame... no explanation why or how it happened... but seems ok now. i hesitated reporting it got better as i kept my eye on it.. but seems ok now, thanks.