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  • CSGW - 1 year and counting

    Okay r2, it was a year ago this month since CSGW worked properly. Is it ever going to get fixed???? Or can you at least make it random placement...s55- The STAND held the bottom right position guaranteed to win 9 out of 12 months.

    if you can't or WON"T fix it to work properly...get rid of it!

    Hated Soul

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    Originally posted by R2111748085 View Post
    if you can't or WON"T fix it to work properly...get rid of it!
    Hated Souls84
    A lot of us would agree to that. Get rid of it!! Some servers and/or guilds got the unfair advantage for way too long !! Enough is enough! Circe ~ S29


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      It is the same guilds winning all the time which gives them an unfair advantage, either fix it or get rid of it but please do something, my server is sick trying to get in to be told guild cant be found, well R2 the balls in your court
      Kali S73


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        Breaker...Breaker r2, this is Hated soul, do you copy?

        tap...tap...tap is this thing working

        probably working as well as CSGW...NOT AT ALL except for a select chosen few

        r2 should call everything an adventure...never know what is going to work and what isnt

        you take our monies fast enough, but never reply to issues, let alone fix them

        lets start the new year by YOU FIXING WHAT IS BROKE and quit adding new realms!!!


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          I know it's frustrating when new servers are added while existing bugs still exist. The two aren't mutually exclusive, and new servers mean the game is still alive, which is a good thing.

          We are reporting everything fresh, so even though this is a year old issue, this is being forwarded. Thank you for your report.
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            NO!!! new servers are added to suck more money out of us!!!

            Why not think about keeping those of us who have stuck in there despite r2 making the game right!!!

            Lame answers and the same old "your concerns have been forwarded to the devs, sorry for the inconvenience" oh and "it is being looked into, and will be fixed asap"...what a crack of bull


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              Is this one any better?

              All we can ask is that you continue to be patient until this issue gets resolved. We assure you that we are closely monitoring this matter.

              Jokes aside, I do understand the frustration, and I understand these issues have been going on for ages. You've been needing people to help make your voices heard. I will help with that. I just ask for help with making sure everything gets added to this list, and don't shoot the messenger. We need each other, so work with me and I will work for you.
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                bare with me R2 and let me know if im getting close
                well i can tell you that much R2 isnt intrested in fixing the game they sold it to the russians for a nifty sum the main developers of the game arent willing to fix the game since that marriage system was first introduced.
                and they abondoned it completley and wont be willing to come back ever
                and there are no other developers that know the base code of the game SO R2 hired cheap devs or devs wannabies from poor countries that willing to work for free or close to free
                and doesnt know left to right with the game code so they made a mess with every attempt to make this game better
                am I getting closer yet
                the SB game staff compiles mostly from 95% that only trained in how to do a copy/paste from a plain text file that will b sent to you if your lucky that you will get a response
                apparently they have couple of those text files and mostly skilled in opening the file copy content change name some times they dont even bother and paste it and presto ....walla you get a response hurray
                that bags the question who r the golden 5% of the game i know of 1 and maybe he isnt employed anymore but 4sure i didnt saw him anymore anywhere so thats when i knew this game isnt goin nowhere (no need to tell it doesnt matter)
                i think i am very close by now
                so the best R2 can now do is just to keep the pyramid sceam goin meaning getting new servers up and takes the poor unsuspecting pepole money and move on to the next server little do they know this poor pepole
                is the game isnt goin to go anywhere by the time they get to high level most of the server become empty
                probably R2 cheap staff playing as some of the server character in the game to create competative situations that some of thos unsuspecting pepole spending hard earn $$$ on the server there in
                im sure im hot by now
                as much as its hurt me to say cause im one of those poor folks who spent more than enough time & $$$$ on this ongoin SCAM which called "R2"... this game is nothing but a big scam like most of R2 games
                and if i had enough $$$$ i would have sued the underware out of this game owners from what clearly is an ongoin never ending scam
                that has been goin for more than 2 years and even since this game has first launched. hell i can say it on most of R2 games according the backdoors overhall talk luckly i only played 1 game which was really more than enough.
                to fully experience "the joke is on you buddy" and we still laughing
                this was R2 insurance of making $$$ from game with no expectency to game play or actual players
                sure you know im right
                well all and all R2 did recognize this game potential but r lacking the right staff to fix the various bugs of the game or unwilling to do so
                from my prespective as of 1 year ago i can tell you that much
                untill the original developers come back there is no future for the game to evolve & for any player that play this on any server ..this game is only to pour the hard earn $$$ of poor players into the bottomless pocket of R2
                why bottomless you ask. excellent question indeed. cause R2 are the only ones that will not care about their games and mostly about hard cashing players and will keep sucking players to no END to fill this invisible pocket
                which on other game branches that not related to R2 even if they make the bundle of $$$ they needed they will eventually will take care of thier games thus will benefit paying & none paying players"
                the game now is intended to make cluster servers usually the recent ones when those stop to make weekly revenues they just move on to the next cluster
                and a merge is set to be how nice to keep those poor players together you just cant have enough of dem
                there is no stopping it unless someone with real substential $$$$ backing can put an end to this pyramid sceam well its just will grow bigger with each server launch
                i know for sure amazon doesnt take to much $$$ to keep low attributes virtual servers actually they even give you for free if you have other virtual servers in place
                that you do pay i know for a fact that my server is in amazon didnt have to check others i know they are
                so lets SUM things up
                to you that is the player you never gonna fully enjoy the game sooner or later you will b stuck in a loop vortex goin nowhere (same as loop quest or the never ending story)
                and even if by a miracle ull get an update be sure that it will go away as fast as its showed up
                as i mentioned b4 there are no1 else to make this game better since the originals are gone and what we now have are devs wannabies and yall are gresping at straws
                R2 can employ a bunch of actual clownes and a set of trained monkeys to copy/paste repeat if necessary
                that why R2 need you poor players to b mentors so you can convey other players and spread rumores that there is goin to b a change but it wont goin to b happenin

                so i have to go guys dont be offended if im not coming back
                i would have to tell you YES you the player to go the other direction when you see that BIG SB crossroad sign but its not up to me its up to you now
                so here it goes heed my warnings and go the other way nothing but dust&sand will come your way
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                  First off you should have signed this tirade to save us the time to look you up. Second, you have no way of knowing that all these are real facts unless you are an insider or very close to one. You claim the game was sold, therefore there is obviously no option for the original devs to come back. Third, you already said you were going a number of times if I remember correctly, so do it already. Without the undocumented drama on half a screen if possible. Bye

                  Circe ~ S29


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                    R2104619573 you have made many accusations in your post but no proof to back these up, do you have any proof? if so I for one would be very interested in seeing it, also who are you and what server do you/did you play?
                    Kali S73


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                      idk guy boring boring boring Not fix , updates , new mounts souls etc, Die Shadowbound :c