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Still nothing from my open ticket

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  • Still nothing from my open ticket

    I opened a ticket back on may 10-th about garden items missing
    I keep getting the run around I would like some clear answers please posted below is the last response i received to my email?
    >notice last response was dated may 16 it really is taking this long to respond just fix the problem and credit me back my lost garden items

    >MAY 16, 2017 | 06:08AM CEST
    R2_Ananke replied:
    Hello Bewul Polson,
    We’re so sorry about it.
    But the developers still don’t give us any response, we’re waiting for them, too.
    Sorry for the trouble.
    -The R2Games Team

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    sry to ssay this but they do care about anything anymore just give up on geting anyhting usfull form them
    :cool:(hardy$boy) server 73:cool:


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      I gave up on this game the lack of help is unbelievable it should never take that long to repair items! bye game