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No Support From Tickets For Almost 3 Weeks.

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  • No Support From Tickets For Almost 3 Weeks.

    I have sent numerous tickets to R2 Games and I have received no replies even though it says on screen they will get back to you in about 3 days - it has now been almost 3 weeks.

    At first I was understanding it could take a few days but then once a week went past I got annoyed and then angry ….. now all I want is some answers as to why no one has gotten back to me.

    I was playing on Facebook Gameroom as that is where I found the game. I have been unable to log on to Server 144 for almost 3 weeks now as each time I do it keeps asking me to make a new account - I have even deleted Gameroom and reinstalled it without any luck. I know my account is still there as I made an account via R2 Games and saw it still there.

    Like I said I was fine with it taking a few days to get back to me but 3 weeks is beyond a joke. At first I did not want any compensation of any sort, then after a week I wanted compensation for the money I spent and now I do not want any compensation as I have fallen way behind ….. all I want (deserve) is an explanation.

    I was enjoying Shadowbound and my Alliance made it even better but this experience has sored me for R2 Games and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with support and if so what was the outcome if any.

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    I don't know why Shadowbound tickets aren't being tended to lately. The only plausible excuse I can think of is three weeks ago there was a week long holiday, followed by the person who was tending to Shadowbound tickets leaving the company. It doesn't sound like anyone has been reassigned to take over, since you are not the first Shadowbound player to mention not getting a response. I will try to forward the concern and hopefully R2 corrects it going forward.

    Usually Facebook accounts are disconnected from game characters if a change was made to the Facebook account, such as changing the email or password, and changing them back sometimes results in reconnecting to the proper game account. Sometimes the connection between Facebook and R2 breaks because of something Facebook updated on their end. R2 can fix this issue by unbinding your account from Facebook and setting you up with an R2 account instead. It usually doesn't take very long for an account issue to be fixed, but since no one has been working Shadowbound tickets.. I'm sorry you've had to wait so long.

    I'm not sure who's working over the weekend, but let me know if there's no update to your ticket, and I'll push someone to look on Monday.
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      Thank you so much for getting back to me. I just hope that you forwarding on my message somehow helps in me getting the answers I believe I deserve.

      I also doubt this is just a one off thing with just Shadowbound as I also sent a Ticket to another R2 Game called Thundercall on the day I posted this message and I am still waiting to hear back from them. I also sent off 5 days ago an email to an address I found on the R2 Games Site and have had no reply back from that either.

      They must be a fairly large company because as of writing this on the front page of their website it says there are 64,956,629 total players in their 14 games with 171,562 online now so it is understandable for these sort of things to take a few days for someone to get back to you with so many players in so many games over 100's if not thousands of servers. I think they need to put some more effort into their support system so this sort of thing does not happen again.

      Again thank you for getting back to me and I truly do appreciate it and will contact you if I have received no reply.