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    In my last post I said I was not angry just frustrated through lack of support from Shadowbound/R2 Games. The only person who actually has taken time to try and sort things out for me has been MemoryLane but unfortunately to no avail.

    Well things have changed and I am now angry all because of a post by Lulu advising us that in just a few days time from now a new Shadowbound server will be online. My question is a very simple question ….. How can R2 Games make a new server of Shadowbound when they can not be bothered to help people who have problems on other servers?

    Next week will mark the 4th week since I sent off my first ticket and I have not received one reply at all from Shadowbound.
    I first started playing Shadowbound via Facebook Gameroom as that is where I discovered it. For just over 3 weeks now I have not been able to log onto servers 144 and 133 where I stupidly paid money to become a Level 4 VIP …. why did I pay money because I was stupid and loved the game. I was in a Guild called "DARKSIDERS" on S144 who was run by RoXey. I loved this Guild as they helped each other out especially RoXey. Well for about 3.5 weeks now I have been unable to log onto my account via Gameroom as it keeps on asking me to make a new account. I sent off a ticket and understood when I saw the message it could take about 3 days until someone got back to me. Well I am still waiting to hear back from them after all of this time. I have sent off at least 6 tickets now and still I have not heard nothing from Shadowbound. I was told by a friend to delete and reinstall Gameroom as that sometimes helps but it did not help me as I am still unable to play the game on these servers without having to restart all over again. I know the account is still there as I made another account for S144 on R2 Games website and saw it there. I sent off an email to an address I found and you guessed it nothing. I even sent off a ticket through another of their games to see if anybody read the tickets and I did indeed get a reply back from that ticket from Lulu. To me it seemed like an automated reply just the way it read but I answered the questions and sent a reply back on the day I received the email back on May 28th some 5 days ago and as yet I have heard nothing at all. Lulu posted on the 29th the day after I received the email about the new server coming online soon.

    I now just want answers and some form of compensation. Sorry just made a little joke ….. compensation. If it has taken this long not to get back to me then how long do you think it would be to give me some form of compensation? If I did get any sort of compensation it would most likely be in the game and not money returned to me. Even if I got a reply back shortly after this little rant and was offered some form of compensation in game I am not sure if I would take it as this incident has soared me on R2 Games as I will most not likely not play any of their games again if this is the way they treat people. I really did love playing Shadowbound which is why I am so angry now and have persisted in trying to get answers. I have even contemplated sending off tickets in all of their games asking for help that is how desperate I was. I may still do this but I will most likely have calmed down by then after I realise it is just a game.

    I most likely could go on a bit more of a rant but I do have real life things to do. But before I do go just 3 more things.
    #1. Do not spend money on Shadowbound or any other game without first checking out how well their support system is run. I actually had a problem with another game (had not paid any money) a little while ago and they were fantastic in helping out and they were not as big as R2 Games.
    #2. Please somebody from R2 Games even if you can not fix my problem at least have the decency to send me an email apologising for this little fiasco that has happened.
    #3. Fix your support system so nothing like this does not happen again.