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Alpha Characters: Deleted or kept?

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  • Alpha Characters: Deleted or kept?

    Just a quick request for clarification, whenever I have played an Alpha the servers are usually wiped before the beta with the total loss of any characters/items/diamonds on that server.

    Is this Alpha following the same lines, or will we keep everything we make during the Alpha?

    Also if a person recharges to their Alpha account what will happen when Alpha is over, do they lose everything or are they credited the Diamonds they recharge on the Alpha server to a live server of their choice?


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    most likely everything is gonna get deleted after alpha
    and you can't recharge during alpha


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      Why? Keeping character after alpha is good.
      Nothing to do much here.


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        alpha characters are required as test characters for the players and for the game. its a chance for people to try the game out and the different characters out
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