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Wraithbane Prints bug

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  • Wraithbane Prints bug

    Click image for larger version

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    It seems the prints are mislabeled for your mercenaries i have enough prints but since it is requiring one that isn't even available but named the same as a different print.

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    It seems that u didnt have one. You can get prints from the dungeon the following picture shows. Thank you.

    Click image for larger version

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      It must be for Mercenary not for main character classes. Look closely on the weapons.


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        the very first area in the wraithmire dungeon(jadehead) is for weapons and it says all 3 types drop.... well I have 3 staff prints but cant use them. Upgrade area claims i dont have any staff prints but yet I have 3. So there is a bug and if some R2 forum mod claims there isnt.. well your a moron then. There is an issue and it needs to be fixed..


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          do not insult or abuse the staff please......

          read the print and see if it says class: all, class: merc or class: mage. Merc prints can only be used with mercs, character prints ( mage, warrior, hunter ) can only be used with characters
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