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Error Code 11-1007712 When trying to go to Catacombs

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  • Error Code 11-1007712 When trying to go to Catacombs

    Any time i attempt to open Catacombs i get this error. i have tried 3 different browsers, clearing the cache in them and deleting ALL local content related to R2, the error persists.

    Windows 7
    2GB Ram

    3.2GHz Dual core processor

    2GB Vram.

    In game name: Tanecion

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    Got the same Problem, cleared cache and it worked then.
    Yes sound like a Vet or Forum mod now lol

    Screenshot of the error
    Click image for larger version

Name:	shadowbound.PNG
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Size:	513.1 KB
ID:	1691358
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      i have the same problem same error code and cant type in world chat when i got the code was looking to recharge to see about buying dimonds but im not buying dimonds


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        thank you for the information and screenshots, we will get the issue checked asap
        Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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          Got another error code after getting out of Cloudwinder (Catacombs) was something like 11-100xx13
          Had to refresh again.