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  • Experience lost

    So this has happened to me a total of 5 times that I noticed, not sure how much I missed. I log in, do several quests and gain experience, fine. I then log in maybe 1 hour later and any experience I earned earlier is gone. Basically it resets my experience gain for this level and I can't advance. I should be close to 42 at least with everything I have done but it keeps resetting my experience so I can no longer advance my character

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    update on this I just noticed. no need to correct this, seems that when you gain more fortitude and use exp to do so it takes away from your experience gained on your character which is completely stupid, great work on that. I will not be investing or playing this one R2Game any longer


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      oh I never realized that though right now I'm stuck on level 39 and haven't advanced to 40 yet even though my xp bar is way past the requirement. Nvm i got it now!
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