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In-game facebook liking acting weird.

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  • In-game facebook liking acting weird.

    I go to the facebook pack and like it, but instead of going to where I'd like it on facebook, it goes to what happens after you've liked it. I've included a picture to show what happens when I've selected that I'd want to like the game. I attempted to in game like on firefox, on chrome, and on Internet Explorer and got the same post like 'If you're having an especially good time, comment and tell your friends.' Click image for larger version

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    Ooo I see now... try internet explorer so you can see the 'like' button you're meant to push
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      As I've said already I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE already, none of them did anything, I got the same issue no matter the browser. I even cleared my cache to see if that'd help and it did not. I even tried another facebook account made just for this, and it didn't help either.
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        i've been trying to get the facebook pack since i first started the game! i've liked the page over and over again but i still can't get the damn pack! i've asked on our server and they said its very finicky to get, to just keep liking it over until you get it. really sucks that you can't actually get it!


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          log into fb normally, unlike the game, clear cache, sign out of fb, then go into the game, and click on like FB, it should ask you to sign in......
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