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Is there anyone out there really?

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  • Is there anyone out there really?

    Is there any mentors or G.Ms for this game anymore ?
    no more devs I take it either ? since there has not been a change in things in 1...2... going 3 yrs now ?? you have a fan base still and many would return if you would just show signs of life...
    R2 keeps making servers yet no team support for those playing... weeks before hearing from a ticket just for the ticket to say need a ss and the same lines ... even if there was a screen shot sent with the ticket .... that was a good laugh btw. I still play after all these years but this is the last chance I am giving this game along with r2 in general... have played many r2 games and they are just all going one way pay to play... hell for the cost i rather play my ps4 and chat live with ppl while I play and save a butt load of dough aka MONEY ! Will I miss my friends in the game ... yes but they want to leave just as much we hold each other in the game but it is now to the point that.. that is not enough! Sorry this turned in to a rant/rave and I know no one will care but maybe others can read and post their feeling and desires not that r2 will care.

    Thanks to whomever read this and I hope you have a lovely day.

    this is Mesohappy of s45 and many other servers and many names signing off and wishing the SBer the best!

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    Yeah i was thinking the same, i just restarted on server S146 after a break of a long time when they stopped event and releasing server but we got no ppl in our server lol,its like dead and they keep releasing server so i dont understand them, i dont see them advertising for the game either so ppl aint joining much at all too