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    Just what does the future of StormThrone look like? I see top lv people getting bored, lower lv players getting frustrated, arguments over play, lag, bugged costumes... I have invested a good amout of money in this game and don't see much growth for the cost. Please give us a little idea what you are doing an know if we want to spend amy more on a dieing game

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    Hint, spend money on big games like Wartune. The new games are coming and going, but game like League of Angels and Wartune are almost never going anywhere.


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      This game sure had been through a long way.
      I am sure there had been good times as well as bad times with it.
      as far as bug and stuffs, the game staffs are working hard on all the ones players reported. I do hope to see everything get fixed, but sometimes it just mean having to wait. *sigh*
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        kesulitan untuk masuk ke server sudah beberapa hari ini,dan walaupun bisa masuk laggnya banget


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          this game is, as far as I can see, managed exactly like MKO was. Always bugs/broken events/issues that are barely if ever addressed. Hardly ever new content. Stagnant gameplay. So if u were smart you would, eventually, expect to see the same fate as MKO. Game Over