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    Click image for larger version

Name:	bug report.png
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ID:	1729866 r2games took too long to respond cant enter the game please help as fast as you can thanks


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      Babel Tower not reseting S20


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        hi, im trying to fuse some gems, but the screen gives me a blank (right side) (where to select current gems)
        ill input
        1. my information,
        2.steps to fuse (or in my case) get to the bugg,
        3.information about bugg
        4.and screenshot of the bugg

        server; 22 (rida highlands)
        ingame name; nightlounger
        UID; 328711860
        platform; R2 game client
        current problem; when i try to acces the "fuse gems" tab it don't load properly and gives me a blank "right part" of the page.
        to do try to acces fuse tab , i can either; select bottom icon CRAFT and then select the tab for FUSE; wich then gives me a blank right part
        or i can go through; select CHARACTER icon, and then upper right of tab "i select GEM LVL'S SET" wich directs me to FUSE tab to but with same results,

        so i cant equip/FUSE my gems into my gear,

        here follow's a screenshot of my current buggproblem

        i can only go through this forum to get some support since there is no bug report for swords of divinity on r2 games platform



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          All events have been down for 1.5 weeks!!! Tickets++ have been submitted with no results or answers!! Please fix game


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            Hey R2 Team,

            I am reporting a CRITICAL BUG regarding Maximum Evolved CHARUP pet.

            The highly evolved Charup pet giving wrong MDEF points to all my mercs and main char who are all in formation.

            The MDEF points it giving is MDEF: +1,100 instead of MDEF: +11,000, that means my all mercs and my char (HematXxX) looses MDEF: -9,900 individually.

            The attributes for highly evolved Charup Pet should be:
            PDEF: +11,000
            MDEF: +11,000 (Same as PDEF)
            ATK: +11,000
            HP: +33,000

            But the highly evolved Charup Pet giving:
            PDEF: +11,000
            MDEF: +1,100 (i.e., LOOSES 11,000 - 1,100 = 9,900)
            ATK: +11,000
            HP: +33,000

            R2 Team is not fixing this critical issue regarding Charup Pet MDEF, and because of that we are facing difficulties in playing various events.

            I already submitted -----> 4 TICKETS (1 month already passed), but NO RESPONSE and FIXING of this issues from R2 Team.

            So, R2 development Team is going to fix this issue or not???


            (Server: S22)
            (Rank 1: Arena / Combat power / Char Level)
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