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Bugged priest's resurrection skill.

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  • Bugged priest's resurrection skill.

    The Revive skill description tells, that it should restore around 40% of the target's HP after it is resurrected. It probably does, but it does not take into account all hp gained by the target from it's formation, items, pets and other bonuses, basically, it calculates max hp from what we can see a merc has, when it's in the inactives list, which is several times lower. For example, a merc (or character in the formation has 1.5m HP, while inactive it has only 500k. Therefore, after being revived it gets 40% from 500k (which is 200k only) and not from 1.5m as it should be (which would conclude to 600k instead). This leads to a possible immediate target's death after revival.
    Pls fix asap.