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Bugged arena issues after server merge,

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  • Bugged arena issues after server merge,

    Hi, after yday server merge i cant fight oponents in arena,, tryed to refresh, clear catche nothing helps, also i not get any rewards from arena after reset so it take me as "unranked" anyone else have same problem ? thanks for reply ! Ign:bubusvk-S17.
    Edit: After server merge i joined to game and fight vs golem 1time and after win this bugg happen..
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    You should see golems there, same as it was when you started the game for the first time. When you defeat one, you get ranked and see other players. The problem here is that it seems no golems have spawned for you and you're now in the end of the list, but should be on the left side.


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      I have same problem. Species S10


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        The arena still does not work. Compensation can not be collected.


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          The arena still does not work for me. Compensation also does not work. The losses from the arena are already greater than the compensation.