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Max Evolved Charup pet MDEF gives incorrect MDEF points

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  • Max Evolved Charup pet MDEF gives incorrect MDEF points

    Hey R2 Team,

    I am reporting a CRITICAL BUG regarding Maximum Evolved CHARUP pet.

    The highly evolved Charup pet giving wrong MDEF points to all my mercs and main char who are all in formation.

    The MDEF points it giving is MDEF: +1,100 instead of MDEF: +11,000, that means my all mercs and my char (HematXxX) looses MDEF: -9,900 individually.

    The attributes for highly evolved Charup Pet should be:
    PDEF: +11,000
    MDEF: +11,000 (Same as PDEF)
    ATK: +11,000
    HP: +33,000

    But the highly evolved Charup Pet giving:
    PDEF: +11,000
    MDEF: +1,100 (i.e., LOOSES 11,000 - 1,100 = 9,900)
    ATK: +11,000
    HP: +33,000

    R2 Team is not fixing this critical issue regarding Charup Pet MDEF, and because of that we are facing difficulties in playing various events.

    I already submitted -----> 4 TICKETS (1 month already passed), but NO RESPONSE and FIXING of this issues from R2 Team.

    So, R2 development Team is going to fix this issue or not???


    (Server: S22)
    (Rank 1: Arena / Combat power / Char Level)

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