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    You don't want to be bothered together with your son then why did you mention him? If you don't want your son to be exposed if you really have a son so with your personal life and job don't mention a single detail, your really weird even in this forum the way you answer my questions and the way you twist and turn this post your really an expert in your job. Your misleading the real intention of this post which will favor you.Even in this forum your so active I wonder why? The moderator of this forum is still not answering the post maybe he is answering this post already but forgot to change only his account. Yeah Karma I remember Karma very well a former Destruction member and a traitor of drama queen too in ES also used to mention Karma in his sentence plus named his pet Karma and likes to fart like you do and claims also has a son. Maybe your familiar with that story too. It seems you really made a new script and new life in a new game and in this forum too.