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Gold transfer for closing Copia

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  • Gold transfer for closing Copia

    Maybe i have here a chance to get a reply.

    As normal service reminder ticket i dont got a response, maybe it need to be a public discussion about the **** service from R2G before some1 do something.
    You close Copia Game and told the players to open ticket to get the transfer for wasted Copia recharges.
    Thats what i have done, created a new f... char in a game that i dont wanna play to save
    something for my wasted money and time, because the games, thats worth to spend money and time on it, that i also play not included..... what a first ****....
    than i started SoD and now i fight nearly 1 month to get the transfer....
    1 Ticket and 4 or 5 reminder later still nothing......

    reference to Case #: 669716
    Copia Sea World ,June Jan
    Swords of Dinity - Server 22 - Der´Hoschy